This is what happens when you play with fire

A lot of people hate Mondays, me on the other hand find Monday’s to be creative….sometimes. While at work today I did a little research on some tutorials and found a really sweet one that I decided to give a try. The results were awesome! If you would like to give it a shot like I did then follow this link:

I really really didn’t want to use the photo of the girl that is used in this tutorial due to wanting to make sure people didn’t think I copied it exactly or just downloaded the files and added my name to it, which I didn’t. After an exhausting search for FREE down loadable images similar to the one used I had to choice, since every photo was over 20 bucks!, I gave in. I did however make sure that I did a little something extra to make sure that the results were not the same.  After all was said and done I love the final result I came up with and I am currently working on new adaptations of this tutorial.

fire inspiration