Make Something Cool #46

Yesterday I was inspired by artist Fernando Ribeiro. I found his work here I found these covers to be really awesome and decided that I too would try a design.

Well after spending the last two hours on a cover for “The Fox and the Grapes” this is all I have come up with:

And now I’m pretty much at a creative roadblock. I just can’t think of anything else or how to show the grapes.  I think I need to take a break and listen to some awesome music and clear my head. I’m sure later on the drive home the idea will pop into my head on how I should do the rest.

I’ll update this post later tonight if I’m able to finish it.


Make Something Cool #44

The Nike Zoom Kobe VI iD Basketball Shoe

I used this sweet design by Nike for my this piece.


You can find this shoe and others like it at







Make Something Cool #38

Having a little stress lately and it’s been interrupting my creative process. But I have had one person helping me through it all and she has been amazing! I can’t thank my wife Kimberly enough so in appreciation of her being awesome I came up with a design for a new T-Shirt entitled “Your love is explosive”. This is my design:

Make Something Cool #37

You might remember from the other day that I posted an idea that I was pursuing with about getting some of my t-shirt designs made so if you liked them you could purchase the from Well yesterday I actually did it. I transferred two of my designs into their template kit that I downloaded and submitted them for approval.

It takes about 48hrs to get a submission approved then once it’s approved the voting begins. It’s then up to you! I will need your votes to even get a chance of them being made, so my make something cool is the following link to my submission.

Painted Lady Tee:

Thanks again and Happy Voting!

Make Something Cool #36

This Make Something Cool ties in with one that I did a little while back. So if you remember some of my first MSC post were some t-shirts that I had designed. Well it’s always been one of my dreams to make clothing maybe even have a small line some day. So today I decided that I would give a chance. If you don’t know what/who is I suggest you check out their website. This is who the are:

Threadless is a community-based company that prints awesome designs created and chosen by you!

So I downloaded their threadless tshirt pack and briefly started messing around with my designs and fitting them into the files that they provided. This image is a sample model image of what my shirt would look like printed:

So what I’m going to do is finish up transfering my designs to their kit they provided me then I’ll begin uploading them to the site. What I’ll need from you is a vote. I will need a lot of votes to be able to get my designs created so please please vote for me! I’ll post the link and pictures of the designs I create once my account is complete.

Stay tuned.

Make Something Cool #35

Recently I was tasked with creating a wine label for a private client, whom I am very close with. She game me some strong examples of what she was looking for style/content wise but for some reason I got stuck on this vision that was close but left field close so I figured I would share the sample sheet with you since I wont be using these design and since I’ve already started on the new ones.


Sample Wine Name and Label: