Make Something Cool #16

This piece I really like a lot. But I did a little more R&D and found a really sweet techinque for wrapping paint on people and objects, so I will def. be tackling this one again.

(Photograph is from ModelMayhem)


Make Something Cool #15

Last night I decided to take a break from everything. But today I am right back at it! This is number #15:

really could of added more but I am really pleased with the result.

(this is not my photograph, I pulled this off of

Make something cool #3

Was out playing and taking pictures with my little boy today in the yard and he got upset with me because I would not get into his little play house with him and yell at the birds.  Its really hard to get a 6ft tall 260lb man into a 2yr olds play house.  Even though I am posting this on my “make something cool everyday” project, by no means to I think its cool to make a little kid cry (And I was not making him cry either).


Make something Cool Everyday

Recently I watched a speech that Nick Vegas did which you can find here. During that speech he talked about “Making something cool everyday.”  This idea started with a guy (who’s name I forget now) who started a design forum in which he started a thread where he shared with others something cool that he made everyday! From that others started sharing then more and more people joined in. I think it’s an awesome idea, so I have decided that I will “Make something cool Everyday!”  I will not plan what I am going to make ahead of time. I will just wake up in the morning check my emails, read the paper and then decide what cool thing am I going to make today. Formats will not be limited, I will use Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, Unity, Zbrush, Paint, Photography, and even crayons if I think its cool (which it will be).  The other thing is that no matter what it looks like in the end I will post my work. When I come up with my idea I only have about 18 hrs to make it. So finished or not it will get posted.

The reason I am doing this is so I can become a better artist. If you think about it you really will. I will get better at time management, organization, planning, and meeting deadlines. I also will become more efficient in my use of mediums. If I decide to draw, paint, airbrush, use Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D, digital sculpting, photo manipulation or whatever I eventually will become a better artist.

So starting TODAY will post something cool.