Lets take a trip to… “The Serengeti” (WIP)

This is another environment scene that I am working on for Regent University’s animated film “The Best Gift” . I can’t tell you too much about what happens here because I don’t want to give away the story. But I can say that something very exciting takes place here! (It is the Serengeti! What kind of things do you find there?)

So this is the beginning set-up for the scene:


The scene is almost complete. The background will be mostly be a matte painting along with a few more elements left to model. Not all the high grass is in the scene yet. That is due to me needing to speak with the Animation director and also the film’s director to find out exactly where most of the animation will take place. Once that is done I will add the remaining grass and also the grass that will be impacted by the characters in the scene.

Stay tuned, more details and WIPs to come!


Another step closer…(WIP)

Well today turned out to be a very productive day. I was able to make up for yesterday, I had a sever allergy attack that lasted 9hrs and ended up with me passing out at 930 last night. Well I am very pleased with my progress on this build total time so far is 5days. The scene is about 90% complete on my end. I have about another handful of details to add then I’ll pass it on over to the lighting and texturing department.

So here is my progress:

Make something Cool Everyday

Recently I watched a speech that Nick Vegas did which you can find here. During that speech he talked about “Making something cool everyday.”  This idea started with a guy (who’s name I forget now) who started a design forum in which he started a thread where he shared with others something cool that he made everyday! From that others started sharing then more and more people joined in. I think it’s an awesome idea, so I have decided that I will “Make something cool Everyday!”  I will not plan what I am going to make ahead of time. I will just wake up in the morning check my emails, read the paper and then decide what cool thing am I going to make today. Formats will not be limited, I will use Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, Unity, Zbrush, Paint, Photography, and even crayons if I think its cool (which it will be).  The other thing is that no matter what it looks like in the end I will post my work. When I come up with my idea I only have about 18 hrs to make it. So finished or not it will get posted.

The reason I am doing this is so I can become a better artist. If you think about it you really will. I will get better at time management, organization, planning, and meeting deadlines. I also will become more efficient in my use of mediums. If I decide to draw, paint, airbrush, use Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D, digital sculpting, photo manipulation or whatever I eventually will become a better artist.

So starting TODAY will post something cool.

3D Render Challenge update:

So I posted last week that I was testing out my skills for the e-0n software 3D render challenge using Vue8 for my background/setting and ZBrush. We’ll as busy as I have been lately with packing for the move, which by the way happens in less than a week!, I was able to create a base model in Maya 2011. The following is a picture of the base model

The base was modeled in Maya 2008 but recently I made the upgrade purchase for 2011 and let me tell you its AWESOME! If you are thinking about buying it or you are having some doubts about upgraded, DON’T, you will not be disappointed with it! TRUST. I finally opened it up and upgraded my low res base mesh to this higher res base using 2011 and it was awesome! As much as I love Maya I really wanted to work in zbrush. I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken with in the past month who use ZBrush, I have checked out a ton of training for the program and I have looked through and extensive gallery of artist work and I want that. I want to create the high level of detail that these amazing people do everyday of the week. I finally took a stab at it. Using the base model above I was able, after many hours, to get this:

I really like the way she came out. I plan on doing it again and again all weekend until I am able to finish her completely! I can’t wait till I am able to get her completely done! I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

3D Render Challenge

So I have decided to enter a 3D render challenge hosted by CGSociety and EON software.

Some of the rules for the competition:

  • Only one submission per participant is allowed.
  • E-on software, Daz3D, 3D World and Cornucopia3D staff and moderators cannot participate.
  • The submitted image must not have been published before, either in print or online, and cannot be published until the winners are announced.
  • Submitted images can be created with any version of Vue (Theme-Packs*, Frontier, Esprit, Studio, Infinite and xStream), including the free Personal Learning Edition and the free Vue Pioneer*.
  • If you are interested in participating in this competition you can by visiting the following link:


    When I decided to give this challenge a try I can say that I was super excited about doing it. It was about a month ago that I learned what VUE was and what it could do and the cool part is that my job saw it’s potential and asked me to create an environment for a current contracted project. I did and had a lot of fun doing it. Anyways I thought long and hard about what I was going to do for this competition and this is my idea “Ms. Red Riding Hood” who isn’t so little anymore (she’s all grown up).

    The following is a rough sketch that I did tonight while watching “The Fifth Element”  (for the 1001 time!)

    Ms. Red Riding Hood

    Little House

    I find myself to be very creative when it comes to my 3D projects, only problem is that many times I find myself not able to finish many of the projects I start. Reason’s why range from ADHD to just no knowing how to do something so I can move forward. But in recent weeks I have been able to finally finish a rough draft to the little house I have been working on for my current project.

    Now this is a serious rough draft. This scene was modeled in Maya 2008. Took me about an hour to complete. Some parts still need some work that I will address as soon as I have moved my family into our new home. Take a look and let me know what you think.

    This little house

    M1A1 Tank

    Man I have been busy at work. We are currently working on a big project for a client that I am not allowed to name but I can give you a quick snippet of what I am working on. I have been at this for the past couple of weeks and its almost finished. Please feel free to leave any comments about what you think of it.

    M1A1 tank created using Maya 2008. The mesh was created using Vue 8 and this scene was rendered using the Demo version of the Octane Render engine.