Get to the Chopper!!!!

In my last post I discussed about me working towards finishing my VFX demo reel over the summer. I also talked about how I was going to recreate a VFX shot from The Avengers. We’ll I’m still working on that shot and I was able to come up with a twist! (No I will not tell you). But I also talked a little bit about re-doing my VFX scene that I did this past semester for my Production of Compositing Principles class at AAU. I can safely say now that I know exactly how I want to reshoot this entire scene. I orginialy shot the scene with the camera being stationary while my actor came into frame and headed towards the VTOL (Virtual Take Off Landing) aircraft. Here is a screenshot of that scene:


With the redesign, I knew that I wanted to change locations to something a bit more open and free of background elements that could move into my shot. When I shot this I had a train, random cars and joggers that would keep popping in at times. So I am going to be searching for a wide open field, hopefully without grass, I’d like something with dirt and trash, but I don’t think I’m going to find that around here. I plan on a new ship design based off of this sweet toy that I found at Toy’s R Us last weekend.


Now I don’t like everything about this design, but I do like certain elements so I will be referencing that elements into my design as well as elements from the upcoming film Elysium staring Matt Damon. I’m also referencing the following shot as what I’m looking for with my scene.


So that is what I’m planning and I’ll be posting updates on both this scene and my Avengers scene as progress grows. Stay tuned.


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