The Wheels on the Bus Go Round n’ Round


Yep that’s right the wheels on my creativity bus are really moving now since school has ended. Since my third semester has ended, I’ve been brainstorming like crazy with all kinds of ideas for things do but some ideas have been complicated or to time-consuming. That doesn’t mean I wont do them down the road it just means that for right now I’m looking for ideas that I can do on my own or with the help of one other person. I haven’t posted it here yet but last semester I did a really short, 10sec video, with the help of my friend Shane. It was a VFX piece where Shane was fighting his was to the evac point. I added in muzzle flashes, a matte painting of a sci-fi city and a dropship that was modeled after the one from Aliens. In the end it worked well and I learned a lot from working on it. However, it really needs a make over. We’ll while designing a whole new scene and doing some research I came up with the idea to find VFX shots from some of my favorite films, small ones of course, and my plan is to reproduce them with my own little twist.

I recently came across a demo reel and it had some really sweet breakdowns from the film The Avengers. One of the break downs was from the scene where Natasha is tied to a chair with the russian army general and the three bad guys. One of the bad guys pretends to drop her down and opening in the floor.

Don't Push me!

We’ll now that I kinda know how this was done I’m going to attempt to recreate this shot with my own actress and a twist. I’m not sure what the twist is just yet, I’m still working on that but I’m sure it will come to me soon. Even if I don’t add a big twist the shot will still have my creativity applied to it. Once that shot is finished I’ll be moving over to recreating my scene from school, This is it here:

Get to the extraction Point!

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