Does your resume seem so boring?

I really used to think that way. Plain white piece of paper that describes my job history and skills crammed onto just one sheet. Every time I had to make a new version or update my current one I always wondered if an employer who would be looking at because of a position I applied for really understood that I have the skills they are looking for. Plus how can you make yours stand out when the hundred other people who applied for the same job have the same resume with crammed info on a plain white piece of paper. Well now you don’t have to worry, you can stand out among those in the crowd. A sweet new website,, can help design you a resume that is for sure to be seen! If you are on the hunt for a new job I really recommend checking them out and creating a resume worth looking at. Here’s mine as an example.


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2 thoughts on “Does your resume seem so boring?

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