I have the POWER

As He-Man would say “I have the Power!” I recently said this out loud last Saturday when I heard from the local studio, Digital Thunderdome, that I am now a new member of the Digital Thunderdome team!! I mentioned in my last post that I reached out to director Scott Hansen to see if he needed a local VFX artist for any of his music videos that he’ll be doing. After meeting with Scott and his producer Mary, the took me on as an intern where I would work on at least two videos or more and if Scott liked my work. We’ll I actually worked on two videos that were effects were needed. I’m not sure if I can talk about the artist names just yet, because the videos haven’t been released yet. So things are really starting to look very positive. I did pretty good in this past semester at AAU, I’m working on my demo reel and I’ve started speaking about Social Networking to students at both AAU and Regent University, I’ll write more about that topic in another post.

Right now I’m keeping things going with training and reading about new techniques. I haven’t worked on anything with the studio recently but like I said I’m devoting my time to create my reel. I’ll share both videos and my reel once there done. Until then,

– Nathan

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