April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Opportunities. That’s right this May has brought me just a few opportunities but being small doesn’t mean that they wont bring bigger ones. I know it’s been quite some time since I have posted anything but with working full time and studying full time at the Academy has made me a bit busy. So what has May brought me, well over the the 15 weeks of my Spring semester I made a lot of new contacts for my professional network. I connected with many of my classmates because their talent was awesome plus being on the same track as many of them I know I’ll have future classes or could even collaborate with them on a future projects. While in school, I connected with Music Video Director Scott Hansen. Scott recently moved back to the area and opened a new studio. I reached out to Scott about my interest in working with him creating VFX’s for his videos. I’m currently waiting for my first assignment.

Since school as ended opportunities have come forth. I’ve recently started working with my church as their Social Media Specialist and as their online Webcast Director. Carpenter’s House Ministries is the name of the church and until recently had very little online presence. Since I’ve taken over in some areas, their Facebook as tripled in likes and the users it reaches. However, the weekly Webcast is still hurting on the viewer side. I’m finding it difficult finding the right groups and areas to announce our cast. So far we have very little viewers each week. But I haven’t given up, I am going to work hard to grow our viewers.

I’m still waiting to hear on a few things and people that I have reached out to. Once I hear word about some other opportunities I will let you all know.

– Nathan


One thought on “April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

  1. Well written post! I will go ahead and save this for future reference.

    Thanks alot : )!

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