Where the hell have you been?

Yea you probably have been asking that question since it’s been over a month since my last post. Well I haven’t been anywhere really except for “Busy” yea really busy.  When I mean “busy” I don’t mean the usual BS that your buddy will tell you on why he hasn’t returned your calls, no I mean physically busy. I’ve been working on films, VFX shot direction, animations, CG Environment modeling for Regent University and a huge animation demo for my company. So much work is really starting to make me tired but I will not give up.

I might have mentioned before that about a month ago I started working as an Environment Artist at Regent University. I’m working on the Universities first endowed animated film. We’ll I’m pleased to inform you that I am also the films Animation Director.  Right now all I can say is that I am really happy to be apart of this film.

Another step forward is I’ve been working closely with Azure Blue Films’ director April Campion on her new film project Syncope. On this project I am working as her VFX Director and Designer. I am pleased to say that we recently wrapped our VFX shoot. The film is now in post production and should be coming my way within the coming weeks.

Finally, today a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Today I was able to finish a short animation piece that I designed for a conference demo presentation for my current company. I can’t give away details about what I was working on due to a NDA but I can show you animation test I did. You can check them out on my vimeo.com account.

You can find those test here:  Test 1 & Test 2


Not much else is going on. I’m continuing to study 3D and computer animation on a daily basis. You have to work extremely hard if you want to stay on top in this biz. Stay tune for post on what I’m currently working on and by the end of this week I will be getting back on track with my “Make Something Cool Everyday” project.




P.S. Oh if you don’t or haven’t already check me out on the following:







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