Where have I been?

Yes I know its been awhile since I have posted anything but I do have a good excuse(reason) to why. I have been really busy with some side animation work in the past weeks. I was working on 3 projects, I did post progress of them in past post. My first project that I am still going with is a film entitled “Syncope” in which I am lead VFX artist on. My second project you saw was my environments for a Wizard of Oz film project for a guy out in LA, but due to time constraints, software integration and render issues I was pulled from that project. I do have to say that I was really hoping to see that project to the end. I really liked what that studio was doing and recently I just finished reading the Wizard of Oz. Maybe I’ll get to work with them again soon. Finally, my last project I am working on I am working as an Environment/Background Artist for Regent University on their animation film project “The Best Gift”.

Now I know I said that no matter what I would post a “Make Something Cool Everyday” everyday but it’s been really hard with working full time and then working another 5hrs at night. Recently I have made some changes to my goals and the things I want in life. My first one is to stick to a project and see it all the way through. So as of today I will be posting a MSCE post no matter what and they will be posted before 1159pm. Another change is I am finally on track with finishing up my own projects that I start working on ages ago. Once those are complete I will post those but in there own categories. I’d also like to add that I have a sweet idea in the works with my friend John Bray. We will be starting our very first animated short film. I’m not going to give out any details as of yet due to us still being in story development but once things begin I will share.

Stay tuned to new things to come!


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