Make Something Cool Everyday #31

It’s time for another make something cool post. In all honesty I really am trying to create something everyday and post it here to share with all of you. Some days/nights its hard. You kinda have to do the things life puts in front of you first before you can sit down and do something fun. But any way, I got to thinking tonight while I was sitting in front of my computer, that may be I should organize all of my stuff I have on my hard drive. Trust me its a lot of stuff.

So while going through reference pictures of actors, comic book characters and other random useless stuff I found a folder of mine that contained all of my old sketches from school and right after I graduated. The one that I was most fond of is the one I did in reference to my little boy. Looking at it now I really think my sketches fit his personality and his character. Now I drew him a bit older than he really is. So here is my “Make Something Cool Everday #31”:



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