Make Something Cool #25

Over the weekend I didn’t post due to the stomach flu that I caught while out in Arizona. Tonight however I decided to have a little fun with some sculpey! Now sculpting clay is really awesome because you can literally make anything with it and then bake it so it hardens and then paint it then when its done drying you’ll have a master piece! We’ll for some of us yes…

Aardman Studios and Laika Entertainment House are two extremely inspirational icons to me when it comes to clay animation. Unfortunately my school only taught one 8 week class on sculpting, which in my opinion just isn’t long enough. Well anyway here is my little Make Something Cool piece:

Zombie Hand

Would have turned out better but I was short on gauge wire so the fingers didn’t get the attention I wanted them to have. Not gonna give up tho, gonna give it another shot soon.


One thought on “Make Something Cool #25

  1. Agreed… Sculpting would help with Maya so it would make sense to offer a couple classes at least… Hoping to do some on the side after I graduate. Hoping.

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