Update: Make Something Cool Project

So far things are going pretty well for me and this project. I have been sticking to my guns and making sure that everyday that I take the time to create something cool whether it be in Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D or photography. In doing so, the last fourteen days have taught me a lot about what I can do as an artist semi fresh out of college and what area I need improvements in. My time management skills have somewhat improved (can’t forget those days where I didn’t meet the midnight deadline).  My creative process has changed a lot. I have stopped just diving right into 3D like I have many times before. Now I grab a pen and paper, hit the Internet for a little research and then I get started sketching out my ideas on paper (sometimes I use sketchbook and my Wacom).

But today I have decided to change the whole process up a little bit. Instead of just doing a random cool thing I will choose one medium for a week and use only that medium. What this means is I will choose to create something in Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, C4D, Realflow, Poser, Vue or I could even sketch out a drawing and practice Inking again. For me I believe that this process will help me be a little more driven and focused when it comes time to create something cool!


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