WOW…… Where in the world have I been? Don’t know if any of you have been asking your self that question or not but I have been away. I ment to post that I was currently in the process of moving last month, sorry. Most of my time was spent packing, moving, cleaning, packing, moving and more packing. I realized during this whole process of moving that I have entirely to much crap! Between my wife and I and our son we had truck loads of crap. Now the move is all said and done. We are in our new house, fully unpacked, and everything is where it needs to be. 

Soon I will be back on track with my current projects and I will update them here from time to time. What I’ll be getting back into is more work between Maya, Zbrush and Vue. I have been working really hard in trying to find my niech on what it is that I really want to do with the part of my life that envolves 3D. I spent 2 years at school for web design/development and the 4 years at Regent University for animation but I still feel that my skills are far from par.  There are a lot of things that I do know how to do such as rigging, bi-peds mainly, particle effects, some realflow fluid effects, a lot of after effect stuff and a lot of Poser, which is due to my job, but I just dont feel good about my self and my skill set. My wife tells me that I’m being way to hard on my self so do many of my friends. In the end I know that I am and I am only hurting myself. I just don’t know what to do.

I’ve tried many times to make a schedule on things that I want to work on. Work on one thing at a time until its finished and then I can move on. I don’t ever do that. I can tell you right now that I have about 10 open projects that I have written, modeled, storyboarded, sketched, and some that I have even sculpted. They are just sitting on my hard drive collecting dust. I keep promising my self that I will start completing them and I get ready to but then something comes along and keeps me from doing it. I hate it. I can’t work like this. I am tired of being afraid. I think it is time for me to stop bitching and start working.

In a few weeks I will have two clients that will need me to start working on two new projects. One of them I have worked with before, which I am very glad to work with again, and a new client, which happens to be an old classmate from Regent that I am really looking forward to working with. I have seen her work while in school and since graduation and its alwasy been superb. So its time to suck it up and do it!


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