Today I took part in a photo challenge at http://digital-photography-school.com/forum/digital-photography-assignments

This weeks challenge was CARS. The assignment was very basic. “We’ve all seen those beautiful pics in advertisements and some of us regularly pick up magazines with stunning images of cars in all their glory, so let’s see what you can do.” We’ll for my part in this weekly assignment I didn’t have to think very hard of what I wanted to do. This past weekend I was cleaning out a bunch of junk and packing stuff up for our move and I came across one of my coolest toys from my childhood a Micromachine.  I haven’t seen this car in 20 years maybe and for it to still be in perfect shape was awesome. The only problem with it was it is missing the really tiny car that sits inside of it. Oh well. SO I decided to snap some pics, since my camera hangs from my neck now, and this is my favorite shot.


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