Playing with fire….cont

I had a lot of inspiration flowing through my veins last night. I really felt creative, so creative that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. I knew I wanted to do something in photoshop, since what I am currently working on in Autodesk Maya will take me most of all of this weekend, plus Sunday being Easter I suspect that project to take a day or so longer.

Earlier this week I posted that I learned a new technique, thanks to, on flame manipulation on a photograph. Well my first attempt I think went really well. The feedback that I am getting from people is very positive and I am ubber happy with the way the fire girl picture turned out. I did attempt a second go at the techniques I learned with photograph of a woman coming up out of the water, flipping her hair back making this long and amazing trail of water. My attempt at that didn’t turn out so well (I’ll post that picture at a later time…).

For this try I said to myself that “I need to go bigger, cooler.” I thought well what else is cooler and more badass than a flaming skull? Then after a search through Google to find a skull worthy enough for my mad photoshop skillz! I came up empty, until I thought back to my youth, my comic book youth. The Punisher… I mean is the coolest and the biggest and most bad ass skull that’s out there (my opinion).


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